24 Nov 18

The Kinmel Arms Walk – Tower Hill

This is the last in our series of walks. It’s about 5 miles on tarmac, gravel and grass.


Walk through the village and past the quarry crossing going straight on at the crossroads.  There is a good view-point to the sea just after the old toll cottage.

Follow up the road gently downhill.  Going around a bend you will see a bench and post box, turn left her up the lane.   Follow this past several houses (one with a giraffe carved from an old eucalyptus tree by Mike!) and the road will go sharp left then sharp right, keep on going.  The road becomes a lane with a grassy centre follow it down past an old converted pump house.

Take the gravel track to your left and go uphill (don’t worry if the gate is shut you can just go around it, Simon shuts it when he is home!!).  Follow this track up and keep let at the sort of junction.  The track then sharply double backs on itself, follow it up past another gate and after about 75m bear left onto a forest track.  You will see an old fence entwined with beech trees on your left.  Follow this track until you see an entrance to your left leading down to a viewpoint.  This used to be a place where TB patients were brought from the Abergele Hospital also buried in these woods.  There can be wonderful views to Snowdonia and the sea from here. 

Go back onto the path and head up again for 20m then take the right turn upwards.  Follow this trail through the woods until you see a pathway at 90⁰ up through fir trees on your right.  Walk up to metal kissing gate and out into a field with the Tower in front of you.  Some nice views of the countryside from this folly.

From the Tower head east towards a new stile/gate, over this and down onto a track and an old kissing gate onto a lane.  When you reach the road turn left and follow the road down steeply through a couple of zig zags to re-join the road with the sharp left then right.

Retrace your steps back past the giraffe to the village.



The Kinmel Arms