New Menu at The Kinmel Arms

14 Mar 17

New Menu at The Kinmel Arms

The stories behind the menu

What I love about our new menu at The Kinmel Arms is its simplicity! Lots of restaurants feel the need to add vivid descriptions and, at times, we have toyed with the idea ourselves. Tim still likes to hand annotate bits! However our very creative chef is a bit of a purist and believes that the food speaks for itself. It’s pretty important to keep the menu simple here (a listing of the seasonal ingredients) because the food is anything but!

The team at The Kinmel Arms have created a magical and memorable new menu full of complex and creative flavours. The alchemy is in their combination – it’s a real foodie experience. There’s always a story behind the dishes and how and why they were created and we will happily explain the tastes as people ponder over the, often mystical, menu but really it comes down to trusting the chef, choosing the main ingredient (be it Lamb, Veal or Scallops etc) and enjoying the experience!

New Menu at The Kinmel Arms

Check out our new spring menu here and pop in soon to experience it yourself. To book a table, call 01745 832207



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