locally produced menu

10 Aug 16

Locally Produced menu at The Kinmel Arms

Our success, at The Kinmel Arms,  comes down to one thing – attention to detail. It’s about the every element – whether it’s the cotton count in our linen, the quality of our tea leaves, the soap in our bathrooms or the freshness of our veg – being just right. Everything is as equally as important.

Knowing where our ingredients is from is a top priority – but we want to know more… what the cows ate? Are the chickens happy? When were the herbs picked? What soil were they planted in?

We’re lucky that we are keen growers – Chad our head chef especially. The polytunnels at The Kinmel Arms are a delight and influence the locally produced menu at The Kinmel Arms on a weekly basis. What’s in season is a daily surprise meaning that our food is always at its best!


The Kinmel Arms