Award Winning Kinmel Arms Chef
Simon Roberts – Award Winning Kinmel Arms Head Chef

We are proud to have Simon Roberts here as our head chef, learning his trade in The Kinmel Arms then moving away to gain more experience he has always worked at double rosette standard with stints at Michelin star restaurants, Simon can catch the eye to people by his age, at only 22 years old he is what we believe one of the youngest chefs at this level.

“Food is one of the most important things in life and for people to go out their way to come and try my food, it makes me proud!”


In his own words…

From an early age I have always wanted to be a chef, and to become a head chef at such an early age it really does mean a lot, every night I read cooking books discovering new recipes, new ideas and turning my own twist on them, I owe a lot to my mentor everyone always gets asked the question, ‘What chef do you look up to?’ and if it isn’t the person that taught you everything you need to know then their wrong. Chad Hughes made me become the chef I am today, he’s taught me everything I need to know, having worked with Chad for over 5 years I couldn’t have wanted anyone other than him by my side, and I owe a lot to him.

Chad Hughes “Simon is a gifted young chef who produces refined and flavoursome plates of food and utilises the best local ingredients possible. Passion and personality are hard attributes to find in the industry nowadays but Simon has them in spades. Definitely one of my ‘ones to watch for the future’ ”

“Every dish I produce takes time and making sure every component matches is key, all flavours must combine with each other, there is so much to offer in wales in such a small country, but utilising what’s around me is very important, I like my dishes to be known I don’t want to advertise dishes that no one knows, I like popular food, executed well but with a twist.”



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